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polyethylene spring rocker / thermoplastic / plywood / animals
80006 targetplay srl



  • Material:

    polyethylene, thermoplastic, plywood

  • Theme:


  • Number of seats:



Gallona PB a molla
· Age of use : 0 – 12 years
· Suitable for public areas, schools, private and block of flats areas.
· Our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with EN 1176 regulations and certified by TÜV RHEINLAND
Italia srl.
Components :
· Figures of the spring riders made of polyethylene , using the most modern technologies on thermoplastic materials extrusion
“CIMALON”, bulk-coloured, treated against UV-rays with a light fastness of “8” ( scale from 1 to 8) and recyclable 100% .
· Accessories such as handgrips and cups are made in polyethilene with the same characteristics of figures.
· Spring ( 18 mm wire) with spring disk safety anchoring system are manufactured by the company EIBACH, an european
leading company in this field.
· Pressed polyethylene colourful joint element.
· Iron (FE) ground fastening support worm/galvanized.
· Bolts in galvanized and steinless –steel.
· All the components parts of the spring rider are available as spare parts.
· Setting: follow the instructions enclosed to the spring rider.
Maintenance plan ( as per regualtion EN 1176-7 ) :
· Visual inspection : general good game’s conditions need to be controlled.
· Half-year inspection :check bolts tigthening and the game’s general conditions, besides verify that the security area is
respected and that the game’s basement is not open to the ground.
· Annual inspection : check that the cemented ground fastening support is undamaged.