repair mortar / for masonry
T-FLASH FR tassullo

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repair mortar / for masonry repair mortar / for masonry - T-FLASH FR


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    for masonry


TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: T-FLASH/FR is a ready thixotropic product with high mechanical strength, quick setting and hardening features, suitable for fastening masonry, metal or plastic components and for the reconstruction of concrete or mortar with high hydraulic resistance (profiles, corners, concrete cover, etc.). The products setting and hardening speed as well as its workability, allow it to be used for filling or reconstructions, with controlled shrinkage and high thickness and finishing applicable after few minutes (approx. 30 minutes). T-FLASH FR is compliant to Italian Ministerial Decree10/05/2004.

FIELD OF APPLICATION: T-FLASH/FR is ideal for fastening drain covers, clamps, hooks, rods, metal rods, pins, threaded rods, chains and positioning/locking pipes, railings, grilles, grates, for the filling or reconstruction of edges, string courses, window outlines in concrete or resistant cement mortar. It can be used both for interiors and exteriors.


- quick setting and hardening

- high mechanical strength

- plastic and workable

- immediate finishing

- supplied in sealed sack

HOW TO APPLY IT: T-FLASH/FR is applied by hand with a spatula or trowel, paying attention to fill the edges first and then the whole body of the gap. Plasticity and workability of the product allow performing high thicknesses in one coat (up to 5 - 6 cm) by operating vertically from bottom to top.

MIXING WATER: approx. 6 l/30 kg sack

28 days COMPRESSION RESISTANCE (UNI EN 1015-11): approx. 40 N/mm²

MIX WORKABILITY TIME AT 20 °C: approx. 15 minutes

PACKAGE: 30 kg sack