fiber-reinforced smoothing mortar / for concrete / hydraulic / lime
TCA3/T tassullo



  • Type:

    fiber-reinforced smoothing

  • Mortar applications:

    for concrete

  • Other characteristics:

    hydraulic, lime


TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: TCA3/T is a fiber reinforced thixotropic mortar in natural hydraulic lime, selected aggregates with a maximum granulometry of 4 mm, and additives. TCA3/T is a mortar characterized by high adhesion, low permeability to carbon dioxide and to water and controlled shrinkage. TCA3/T is compliant to Italian Ministerial Decree10/05/2004.
FIELD OF APPLICATION: TCA3/T is used for the reconstruction of bar covers during repairs and restoration of reinforced concrete structures or in the cases where it is necessary to apply thixotropic mortar with high mechanical characteristics and controlled shrinkage.


- controlled shrinkage

- high adhesion

- extremely low permeability to agressive agents(such as water, salts and carbon dioxide)

HOW TO APPLY IT: TCA3/T is applied manually or using adequate automatic equipment suitable for mortars with a maximum granulometry of 4 mm.

MIXING WATER: approx. 0.17 l/Kg (approx. 5 l/sack)

COMPRESSION RESISTANCE (UNI EN 1015-11): approx. 33 N/mm²

ELASTIC COMPRESSION MODULE (UNI 6556): approx. 26.000 N/mm²

PACKAGE: 30 kg sack and loose in appropriate silos