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glass railing / aluminum / with bars / outdoor



  • Material:

    glass, aluminum

  • Configuration:

    with bars

  • Location:


  • Applications:

    for balconies


A balustrading system with countless opportunities and minimalist lines

Gypse, a leading design
With an aesthetic metal effect and design both minimalist and scalable, Gypse balustrading is a true building. Discrete or differentiating elements, Technals balustrading is suited to diverse project situations facades, atria, etc.

The variety of styles and finishes within the range meets the needs of all market sectors, whether new build or renovation.

Gypse, two principles for one system
There are two types of construction:
- Double post
- Single post

The balustrading, straight or raked ... meets the most demanding of designs and plays on a combination of components and the mix of material: stainless steel, wood, glass and composite panel.

With the double-post, Gypse is aimed at architectural projects where balustrading plays an active role in the graphics of the façade or atrium.

With the single-post, the balustrading is suited to the more traditional residential renovation market.

The Gypse system carries several Technal patents ensuring full compliance with standards and regulations.

1-2-Photography : V. Bigeard
3-4-Architects: A. CAPELLE / Photography : G. TORDJEMAN