mechanical thermostat / wall-mounted / for heating



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  • Function:

    for heating


Electromechanical thermostat with 3 fan speeds
Manual selection of the operating mode (heating/cooling)
For terminal units with 2 pipes, or 2 pipes + electric heating element or 4 pipes
Main features
Vaire power voltage: 230 Vac 5Q'60 Hz
Fixerions: Cn / Off ♦ 3 fan speeds - Manual se'ecticn of operating mode (heating/cooing)
Adust ment range: 8/30°C (op ten cf mechanical Imitafccn using jurpers on the knob)
Regj'afcco by means of OrVOff vaK-e control (or fan control h units wsh 2 pipes)
Permanent or slaved fan
Contact br&ske- capacty: 2 A inductve
Differencial IK maxi
Electrical ccmecfccns on die screw terminal bbek
Operating tempe'atu'e interval: 0/+50°C
Reiafcve humdry < 95%
Protection degree: IP 30
Colour: White PAL 9003