Cardio machine


EXCITE™ Top provides cardiovascular upper body training for athletes – and for everyone else.

EXCITE Top develops upper body strength through its unique rotary training system.
EXCITE™ Top provides excellent upper body training.

It combines aerobic activity and high calorie expenditure with shoulder, torso and core stabiliser muscle toning and strengthening.

Not just for champions, but for everyone
EXCITE Top is a simple, safe, ergonomic and effective way to combine strength training with aerobic activity.

In addition to appealing to those who want to build their upper body strength, this machine will appeal to all your members who want to develop their core stabiliser muscle groups.

With its adjustable hand crank, removable seat and 30 different levels of difficulty, the EXCITE Top is suitable for all users, even for those in wheelchairs or with leg injuries.

An easy-to-use, multi-sensorial experience

An innovative Warm Up routine minimises the risk of injury and ensures a safe and enjoyable workout for all your users.

Active Wellness TV motivates users at all levels with its goal-oriented display, which can be customised to deliver different types and levels of feedback.


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