mechanical safe / digital / built-in



  • Technology:

    mechanical, digital

  • Installation:



10 mm thick door, consisting in 3 laser-cut steel plates, of which the middle one is made of special manganese steel in order to offer more resistance to drilling attempts.
Security combination lock EN 1300 certified, with 3 internal coaxial discs (1.440.000 combinations allowed).
Recessed control handle and combination dial.
Nickel-plated rotating steel bolts Ø 22 mm.
Lock mechanism protected by a manganese-steel plate.
Special door battens for exceptional resistance against robbery attempts using a sledge hammer.
Strong internal welding realised by a robotcontrolled system.
Front panel seam-welded to the casing by a robot-controlled system.
Removable internal shelf.
Anchor tongues on the 4 back side against jerks-attempts.
Oven dried thermo-hardening powder painting.