electric radiator / storage / metal / contemporary



  • Power source:

    electric, storage

  • Finish:


  • Style:


  • Other characteristics:

    horizontal, wall-mounted


This is modern heating for each apartment:

The devices are charged when the energy is most affordable. The heat is radiated precisely to the point without under- or overriding the preset temperature.

Depending on the controller and control system, daily or even weekly temperature profiles can be programmed for individual devices, rooms or housing units. Moreover, a special, optional charge controller permits to link the charge process to the current outdoor temperature ensuring that the devices accumulate only as much thermal energy as needed to meet the preset heating temperature.

Our series TTW is only 13cm deep! The only we have! Super flat heater! Unique in the world!

TECHNOTHERM also offers a wide range of room temperature controllers and thermostat clocks for storage heater control and utilising the full potential of this heating system

product features:
power consumption 1,6/2,1/2,6/3,1 kW depending on the device.
Very good heat retention capacity
Supplied with standard block packs to store your heat
Electronic charge (optional)
Serienmäßiger Flusensieb
floor or wall mounting
color RAL 9002

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