electric radiator / storage / stone / contemporary



  • Power source:

    electric, storage

  • Finish:


  • Style:


  • Other characteristics:

    horizontal, wall-mounted


High-performance magnetite stones store the heat inside the devices. The desired room temperature is set by means of easily operated thermostats. Weather-depending charge controls make sure to accumulate only as much thermal energy as needed for later release. The heat is distributed during the day as required and virtually noiseless by means of an integrated blower.

Our series TTN is only 53,6 cm high

TECHNOTHERM also offers a wide range of room temperature controllers and thermostat clocks for storage heater control and utilising the full potential of this heating system

product features:
Very good heat retention capacity
Power reduction possible by reconnecting
power consumption 1,89 till 5,0 kW depending on the device.
supplied with standard block packs to store your heat
wall mounting (optional floor mounting)
protection class III 3/N/PE ~400V 50Hz
Sheet steel housing
color RAL 9002