electric radiator / natural stone / contemporary / rectangular



  • Type:


  • Finish:

    natural stone

  • Style:


  • Other characteristics:

    rectangular, wall-mounted


Healthy heat
in its most elegant form

The Marble heating products developed by TECHNOTHERM is representative for the innovative spirit we are known for. The unequaled combination of comfort and elegance with newest technology make this heater unique in every way. Making use of one of the most luxurious materials found in nature -marble- this heater is a must- have for every home!

Based on the example of the sun, TECHNOTHERM marble heating systems make use of long wave radiant heat. Radiant heat is known to be particularly pleasant, as it acts directly on the people and objects in a room without circulating the air. Thus, problems with dust, germs and pollen are greatly reduced allowing sensitive people, or people with allergies, to breath free- maybe for the first time!
Our TECHNOTHERM marble heating systems are an ideal supplementary heating source, but they can also be used to to heat entire buildings – especially high-insulated low-energy houses. If you choose this product you will have comparably low investment costs and maintenance-free technology.

The Marble heating system developed by TECHNOTHERM is water-proof, thus making it save to be installed in wet rooms, such as bathrooms, showers and saunas. The three performance categories, the diverse sizes, and the variety of marble and natural stone surfaces available are sure to harmonize with any interior design and taste.

Furthermore, since marble is one of the most precious and elegant materials found in nature, this heater creates a very distinguished living environment- one all of your guest are sure to notice. The smooth, polished surface is easy to clean thus simplifying your cleaning routine greatly.