bungalow type house / contemporary / wooden



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    bungalow type

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This pavilion of 50m2 was built on behalf of our client Pierre expatriate in Gabon.
He asked us to build and install a "suite" pavilion on his property so that his visiting friends could enjoy a luxurious and independent living space.
Entering the terrace, after opening accordion shutters made in old door leaves, we enter the sleeping area.
The idea was to keep a single large volume, without partition, to highlight the ceiling crawling old teak. The interior space is thus delimited only by a large old door located between 2 teak dressing rooms allowing the passage of the room to the bathroom.
In the bathroom, 2 plans of basins carved in a thick board of exotic wood and their basin in black rough marble are leaned against the wardrobes of the room.
At the back of the bathroom are installed 2 symmetrical closed spaces:
-A right a large shower 150x150cm whose tray is matte black resin and black granite walls.
-A left, independent suspended toilets whose partitions are in old teak, with a storage above.
-Between the shower and toilet, we installed another dressing that also allows the housing of the hot water tank and the electric meter.
This suite made of old materials, has a modern and authentic character thanks to long and narrow windows and a large bay window in front.
The roof is covered with anthracite enamelled tiles.
The interior and exterior walls, poles and the terrace are in old teak.
The floor is made with broad and long slats of 5m x 0.3m in merbeau.