contemporary clock / pendulum / wall-mounted / stainless steel
VIVACE by Gianfranco Barban & Varese italy Teckell



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    stainless steel, glass, crystal

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The airy minimalism of the transparent crystal gives way to the elegant, smoked crystal structure. It's the perfect backdrop for the 24k-gold-plated mechanism, this clock's sparkling touch. A sheet of transparent crystal protects the timepiece's excellent mechanism. The crystal is just 12 mm thick, permitting a clear view of the clock's inner workings and the contrasting colors. A highly sophisticated design object that will catch everyone's eye. The room's stylish star and the official time keeper, noting every tick and tock with a entirely milled mechanism crafted by skilled Italian artisans.


Graham escapement
Suspension spring
Pendulum rod made of invar, a metal alloy with a very low thermal expansion coefficient, with compensation tube for temperature variation
Pendulum bob: 8 kg
Drive Weight: 2.4 kg
Maintaining power
Regulation by small weight
Stainless steel arbor, revolution on ball bearings
24k-gold-plated gears and pinions
8 day power reserve
Low-iron crystal glass, thickness 12mm
Dimensions: W 23 cm H 125cm Diameter 66cm
Overall weight: 41 kg