gas air heater / diesel / floor / centrifugal



  • Energy source:

    gas, diesel

  • Installation:


  • Other characteristics:



The equipment consist mainly of an isolated cabinet receiving the air flow produced by the ventilator group. The cabinet contains a high-efficiency INOX stainless steel heat exchanger which transfers the thermal power by means of direct exchange between combustion products and the air flow to be treated. Such air is heated when passing onto the exchanger’s hot surface and it is then distributed to the premises. The centrifugal fan’s characteristics make the equipment suitable to be installed where air is to be distributed through pipings or – more generally – where high static pressure is requied. During summertime, this equipment can also perform room ventilation only. The direct exchange technology employed by this equipment requires lower installation costs but first and foremost it allows a tangible reduction of operating costs. The most important feature of this system is that heat is directly transferred to the premises to be heated, thereby avoiding inefficient transformation stages. The result is a much higher overall performance of the system.

The ENERGY unit is manufactured with valuable STAINLESS steel materials, thereby guaranteeing a safe, long-lasting functioning also at flue gas condensation conditions. This peculiar feature allows to monitor in a continuous and consistent way the equipment’s heating capacity output according to the immediate needs of end users. Moreover, operating economy is maximized thanks to the functioning mode at condensation conditions. This equipment is also suitable to fully treat outside air, whose temperature changes from time to time according to the season.

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