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TROPIC Tectona



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    iroko, stainless steel

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The main characteristic of this shower is its resolutely geometric lines. Its design is sleek, and its silhouette is refined, featuring simple, bold shapes. In addition to the impeccable technical quality, its visual appeal makes it a fixture, which speaks for itself, and perfectly matches the finest contemporary outdoor designs. The structure is made of Iroko, an exotic African wood. Iroko is an extremely hard, resistant wood that can handle coming into contact with water, earning it the name "aquatic wood".

The Tropic shower is fitted with a double shower function: a ¼-turn tap with a square handle for operating the overhead shower, and a fitting with a hand-held shower head, which is a practical function for quick rinsing, and is at the right height for children to use. The shower comes with a 3-point stainless steel fastening bracket for fastening to the ground, which provides the structure with outstanding stability.

This shower is :
- Equipped with a ¼ turn faucet with square handle
- hand-held shower equipment
- Square shower head 20 cm
- Grating 75 cm x 85 cm.
- Rear base connection