removable partition / laminate / fabric / glazed
ALTOS Teknion



  • Type:


  • Material:

    laminate, fabric, glazed

  • Applications:

    professional, for offices

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Altos® is an innovative architectural wall system designed with clean, crisp lines to harmonize with building interiors.

Use of laminate, veneer, glass and fabric allows creative application of finishes. Thin, anodized frames project a modern aesthetic, while vertical and horizontal reveals add visual interest. Simple and efficient, Altos facilitates cost-effective reconfiguration or full relocation as required. Its unique universal framework allows changes in elevation, dimension, Fascia function and finish to maximize the life of the product.
Altos provides a perfect balance of form and function:

• Understated Design – clean, crisp European aesthetic

• Functionality – fully relocatable, modular wall system

• Return on Investment – easily reconfigured components translate to low cost of ownership

• Technology – clear wall cavity accepts three types of electrics, both hard-wired and quick-disconnect systems; as well as standard off-the-shelf UL/CSA approved boxes


Altos is a completely modular wall system offered as a series of individual components. It is constructed as a build-up and shipped disassembled to easily reconfigure and relocate between floors or buildings.
Integration with Architecture

Altos walls can be used in any building environment and almost anywhere on a floorplate. Vertical posts with 1-inch increments accommodate standard ceiling heights between 8 and 10 feet.
Integration with Furniture

Altos offers functional and aesthetic integration with Teknion's Optos seamless glass wall, systems furniture, casegoods, storage and seating.