low filing cabinet / tall / laminate / metal


  • Type:

    low, tall

  • Material:

    laminate, metal

  • Other characteristics:

    with hinged door, modular, with drawers

  • Style:



Designed to meet diverse storage needs throughout the office, Ledger® products stand alone or integrate well with workstation systems and furniture. Ledger offers active storage products and those suited to high-density archival banks.

All Ledger products are available preconfigured or as custom buildups that reconfigure in 1.6-inch high increments.

Maximum Versatility
Custom Buildup Units

• Allows users to customize interior modules

• Drawers interchange on-site to provide alternate drawer sizes, configurations and function

• Minimizes inventory and initial investment
Preconfigured Units

• Users can reconfigure drawers at any time

• Three preconfigured lateral drawer heights – letter, binder and combination

Superior Performance

• Available in depths of 18 and 20 inches

• 20-inch-deep units provide up to 11 percent greater front-to-back filing capacity

• Drawers hold legal, letter or A4 sizes in back-to-front and side-to-side configurations

• Lateral Files and Storage Cabinets available in 39 heights from 14.4 to 75.2 inches

• Pedestals and Stretch Pedestals available in eight heights from 22.4 to 33.6 inches

• Full drawer slide extension

• Patented interlock system allows only one drawer to open at a time

• Anti-bounce-back safety feature prevents drawers from sliding open

• Individual locks can be specified for each drawer