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Corner reception desk / modular / wooden / glass


  • Type:

    corner, modular

  • Material:

    wooden, glass, metal


Transit® offers refinement with a rich material palette. Designed for maximum planning flexibility, Transit allows you to shape and reshape the office landscape as needed.

A high-performance office furniture system, Transit offers freedom of planning and design with sophisticated features such as continuous off-modularity, stacking panels and a high-capacity electrical system.

A comprehensive finish program combined with varying panel style options contribute to a clean, elegant aesthetic appropriate throughout any office environment.


• Continuous off-module capability positions panels, worksurfaces, storage, lighting and electrics at any point along the panel, offering superior planning advantages
Stackable Panels

• Panel segments easily stack and demount from 36 inches to ceiling height, minimizing reconfiguration time and costs

• Multiple options for mounting electrics and six different wire systems maximize power/data planning and delivery
Elements Program

• A full range of Element styles, from fully segmented to monolithic, can be easily interchanged to vary the look or function of a workspace
Product Integration

• Transit easily synergizes with other Teknion product lines

• Expands planning applications, facilitates migration between floor plates, fine-tunes the look and function of a space
Transit & Lyft

Lyft universal space division products allow users to customize and balance the mix of features, cost and aesthetics related to Transit space division planning


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