contemporary office armchair / leather / on casters / adjustable
AMICUS Teknion



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    on casters, adjustable, with armrests, star base


Amicus ​Task Chair

Amicus® is a fully integrated family of ergonomic seating designed to function for any task or office setting. Highly adjustable, Amicus offers multiple enhanced ergonomic features based on how people sit and move over the course of a day.

The line includes task seating which offers users heightened performance, a general use chair for short-term applications and a guest chair with three leg styles.

Amicus Task Chair
Seat Flex Zones

• Encourage movement and good posture through a combination of seat pan contour, foam density and unique flex zones designed to balance the distribution of body weight

• Promote circulation and healthy sitting
Arm Height

• Adjustable arm options include 3D and 2D Arms

• Both arm styles adjust up or down 4 inches

• Helps improve comfort in the arms, shoulders and neck
3D Arm Cap Pivot

• Rotate 45 degrees inward and 15 degrees outward
Arm Width

• 3D and 2D Arms adjust up to a total of 2.5 inches

• Independent adjustment positions the distance between arms to the user and task
Seat Depth

• Adjustment range of 2.5 inches on task chair models

Tilt Tension

• Adjustable tilt resistance

• Tailors the amount of resistance when reclining
Seat Height

• Cylinder adjustment ranges of 3, 4 and 5 inches

• Allows users to position seat height for proper posture and circulation
Back Tilt Lock

• Back locks in upright, one of five reclined positions or left to freely recline
Lumbar Height

• Adjusts 4 inches