wall-mounted air conditioner / ceiling / duct / multi-split
IDRA Tekno Point Italia s.r.l.



  • Installation:

    wall-mounted, ceiling, duct

  • Type:

    multi-split, mono-split

  • Sector:

    commercial, residential

  • Other characteristics:

    inverter, WiFi, modular

  • Heat output:

    4,806.37 W

    Max.: 6,900 W (23,543.77 BTU/h)

    Min.: 2,300 W (7,847.92 BTU/h)

  • Cooling power:

    3,516.85 W

    Max.: 4,700 W (16,037.06 BTU/h)

    Min.: 2,200 W (7,506.71 BTU/h)


The water condensing split system grants high performance and low energy consumption with ZERO IMPACT.
Idra can be installed on tap water or water loop.

Excellent performances both cooling and heating mode