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contemporary pouf / foam / modular / for public buildings



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    for public buildings


The TENJAM Cube sets the foundation for our Geometric Joyride Category of product design. You will see the sidewalls are 20 inches long and the seat height is 17 inches. Other TENJAM Geometric designs hold true to either 20 inch, 40 inch, or 60 inch sidewall length dimensions and 17 inch seat heights. This allows you to easily combine TENJAM Geometric Joyride shapes to fit your space.

The TENJAM Cube is our top selling design because it works great in any space plan. The Cube also hits a great value price point for our customers. The Cube is the easiest design to compare price point values between TENJAM and our competitors. You will find TENJAM offers the best price value plus a larger Cube footprint of 20 inches by 20 inches (larger footprint equals greater stability when people sit on the edge or stand on the product). TENJAM also takes the extra step in rounding the corners, has a superior ColorShield coating that is made in the U.S.A., uses CertiPur-US(r) Certified Foam, is fire rated, and has a bottom finish that allows the foam core to breathe large volumes of fresh air - foam needs to breathe to balance moisture in the atmosphere.

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