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Sky ceiling LED panel / for backlit ceilings


  • Type:

    for sky ceiling, for backlit ceilings


TESS Backlit Views to Nature™ in the form of Virtual Windows and Virtual Skylights meet the emerging healthcare markets desire to implement evidence-based design and the patients desire for positive, stress reducing distractions. An otherwise functional, intimidating exam room is transformed into a comforting, healing environment. Patients feel more relaxed, staff interaction is maximized, and procedure efficiency is increased, yielding financial results for the hospital due to greater patient compliance and satisfaction.

Produced to the exact measurements required by the facility, TESS Backlit Views to Nature are combined with the chosen Image from our vast Image Library(link to Image Library) of world renown photographers.

TESS utilizes the latest in LED technology to ensure long lasting, efficient, low energy consuming lighting that delivers smooth, even light creating realistic views of nature.

Images are produced to the highest quality to avoid fading or cracking and delivering years of viewing pleasure.


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