room thermostat / programmable / wall-mounted / for heating
RAMSES 856 TOP2 OT Theben AG



  • Type:

    room, programmable

  • Installation:


  • Function:

    for heating

  • Options:

    with digital display


Digital heating control for time-dependent monitoring and control of room temperature
Open Therm heating controller for 2 or 3 point control, weather-dependent, service water and circulation control
Automatic sensor recognition for weather- or room-dependent control; can be switched manually at any time
3 different weekly programs
3 comfort and 2 reduced temperatures can be allocated to each phase
INFO button for the most important data
Additional switching program for domestic hot water utilisation times
Adjustable service water storage temperature, programmable legionella protection
Party/ECO program
Chimney sweeping function with push button OT box
Minimum boiler temperature can be set
2 heating curves can be set for 2 heating circuits
2-stage burner control option
Holiday program with reduced temperature or date-controlled heating phase can be programmed e. g. for holiday homes
USB interface for modem
Automatic summer/winter time adjustment
Boiler/feed temperature (control circuit 1) controlled by switching the burner
Control of feed temperature (control circuit 2) via pump control or motor-controlled mixer
3-point controller with feed sensor
Time- and temperature-dependent control of hot water circulation pump.
Pump protection function
Inputs: External sensor (contained in set), feed sensor heating circuit (contained in set), contact or immersion sensor for domestic hot water, contact sensor for circulation
Elapsed-time counter for recording relay switching times e.g. burner operating time
Adjustable reminder function for heater maintenance