heating system control keypad / wall-mounted
JOY SR HC Thermokon Sensortechnik



  • Use:

    for heating systems

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The 24 V supplied type 3AO has three 0..10 V outputs for controlling heating/cooling valves or a 6-way valve. The 230 V supplied type AO2DO controls the 230 V heating and cooling valve as a 2-point or thermal 230 V actuator via PWM. The analog output is also used to control a 6-way valve. Two configurable inputs can be used as sensor input, room occupancy or energy lock. In addition to wired valve drives and sensors, sensors and actuators can also be controlled by radio. In addition, as an alternative to wired sensors, an external radio temperature sensor, radio motion detector, a radio temperature sensor for changeover function and radio window contacts/handles can be learnt in. The override by radio is possible by means of higher-level controller profile and cable-bound via Modbus. Radio and wired sensors and actuators are processed identically and can be used in any combination. This guarantees individual and energy-efficient room air conditioning. The device (front of acrylic glass in white or black) has a monochrome display and touch-sensitive control buttons. It has a timer with three time channels of four time periods each. Mounting is designed for a flush-mounted box. For hotel applications, the device offers the option of an additional zone (bathroom heating) in conjunction with room temperature sensor and radio actuator SAB.

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