Contemporary chair / solid wood / stainless steel / commercial
S 40 by Mart Stam THONET


  • Style:


  • Material:

    solid wood, stainless steel

  • Market:


  • Options:

    with armrests, cantilever

  • Location:



Garden chairs that match the classic S 43 by Mart Stam in their construction and design: clear and reserved in their form, with ideal sitting comfort and high quality with respect to materials and processing. Under the model name B 33 g (g = garden) these chairs were first presented in the 1935 Thonet catalog. Today, the wooden strips are made of solid Iroko, an African wood with a high density and weather resistance (FSC seal). It is similar to teak in appearance and has a smooth, even surface. All wooden parts are oiled for protection. The table S 1040 matches these chairs.

Chairs without or with armrests. Frame made of weather-resistant brushed stainless steel. Wooden strips made of Iroko.


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