Contemporary bar stool / wooden / commercial / for restaurants
404 H by Stefan Diez THONET


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    commercial, for restaurants


Ride ‘em high: the distinctive 404 H barstool

Quirky, unique and comfortable—just like the whole prize-winning 404 family—Thonet presents the three-legged 404 H barstool by Stefan Diez with its distinctive, saddle-like seat. Sit down and experience the unexpected, yet

pleasant, bounce. Stefan Diez once again proves that the Thonet heritage of wood-working can be interpreted in a contemporary and unconventional way. Matching high-top tables are available to go with this stool.

The seat of the 404 H is an organically-shaped, comfortable saddle that lends the 404 its extraordinary form. The elevation of the rear part of the seat provides overall support, especially for the lower back. On sitting down, the seat has an unexpected springiness, thus enabling an active—even dynamic—sitting experience. The base ring features a slip-resistant and non-abrasive border. The seat is completely embedded into the depth of the legs, which provides the necessary stability and mirrors the backrest of the 404 chairs. As with all the other chairs in the 404 family, this barstool is produced entirely from moulded plywood, including beech. All elements are glued together, preventing the need for further fixings. Available in a number of stained finishes, and with matching 1410 high top tables. The 404 family consists of the narrow 404 chair, the wider 404 F chair with armrests, barstools and high top tables, as well as square, rectangular and round tables.


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