wall-mounted shower set / contemporary / thermostatic
100028 THPG Thomas Hoof Produktgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG



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Thermostat with connector to exposed rods

For wall-mounting. This Italian manufacturer produces both faucet bodies and cartridges, and focuses on custom shower fittings for British hospitals. This area of use calls for the highest quality and safety standards for equipment used. We have fitted this shower faucet with levers and handles that fit into our star handle series, but the internal workings have remained unchanged. The thermostat can either be connected to a shower hose or a large shower head with exposed rods. The shower hose is connected to the lower &fraq12;" external thread. The rods for the large shower head are connected to the upper outlet port with a &fraq12;" x &fraq34;" reducer. The port, which is not required, is blocked with a plug at either the top or the bottom during installation. Temperature and flow are controlled separately. The porcelain lever opens and closes the water supply; the star handle controls temperature. The temperature is pre-set at 41°C. The temperature can be changed manually. The thermostatic valve will reliably keep the chosen temperature within + / - 2°C, even when water pressure changes. In case of cold water supply failure, hot water supply is automatically closed off to avoid any danger of scalding. The surface of the faucet does not become hot, thereby avoiding the risk of burns.