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hydraulic elevator / commercial / machine room-less
ENDURAMRL, 3m Thyssen Krupp Elevator



  • Operation:


  • Use:


  • Options:

    machine room-less

  • Load:

    Max.: 5000 lb (2267.96 kg)

    Min.: 2100 lb (952.54 kg)


This is the first level of above-ground jack configuration featuring only one section of plunger that extends out of the cylinder. It is a perfect fit for a two-stop building with travel below 12’8” with minimum pit and overhead or up to 18’-11” with a small increase in pit and/or overhead.

Additional Travel: When additional travel exist, pit depth minimum is 5'-0". At 100 fpm or less, pit and/or overhead must be increased 1" for every 1" of net travel over 13'-8" up to 18'-11". Over 100 fpm, pit and/or overhead must be increased 1" for every 1" of net travel over 13'-5" up to 18'-8". Maximum 2'-0" allowed in overhead.Travel limitations may vary depending upon model, application weights and specific job requirements.

For multiple elevators, add 4" for a divider beam between hoistways.

Safety beams are required by OSHA 1926.502, provided and installed by others as directed by TKE. Clear overhead dimensions shown are to the bottom of the beam; the beam may not encroach into these required clear overhead dimensions.

If ASME A17.1-2000 thru ASME A17.1-2007 is applicable to your building, please contact your local ThyssenKrupp Sales Representative to verify the requirement for a pocket or wider hoistway to accommodate a 7” pit ladder.