electric elevator / commercial
SYNERGY® ThyssenKrupp Fahrtreppen



  • Operation:


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  • Load:

    Max.: 1000 kg (2204.62 lb)

    Min.: 320 kg (705.48 lb)


The classic elevator.

Simplicity makes this passenger elevator so special. And its benefits are just as simple too. Superb quality, appealing design and a compact building type these are the hallmarks of synergy® A. Furthermore synergy® A is even available without a headroom or pit if desired.

This elevator system is ideal for use in residential and commercial buildings with up to 12 floors, whether as a new installation or modernization. Rapidly delivered and featuring modular assembly, Synergy® A is a great-value, absolutely proven solution.

Advantages at a glance

Top quality made in Germany
Wide variety of designs across two different design ranges, making it easy to find a design that is perfect for your building
Cab made from 100% recyclable components
Rapid delivery
Low energy consumption