Solar hot water cylinder / thermosyphon

Thermosiphon systems are systems for producing heat from solar energy operating on the thermosiphon principle. The thermosiphon is a passive design, which allows heat transfer using natural convection ideally in a vertical, closed fluid loop. The advantage is that it avoids using a conventional pump, which keeps the complexity and costs of a thermosiphon system low.

The thermosiphon system is available in three designs. They are characterised by high-selectivity coated harp absorbers and tank sizes perfectly coordinated with the system, together with unique charging properties. All necessary pipes, fittings and frost protection are included with delivery.


Parallel roof and free-standing installation

Solar-Keymark system test EN 12976
High efficiency thanks to high-selectivity coated absorber
Laser-welded, harp system
Long service life, robust, temperature- and weather-resistant design
Low heat loss thanks to excellent tank insulation
Quick and simple installation
No additional costs for pumps, solar station, etc.
No solar control unit required
Compact and space-saving design
All necessary pipes, fittings, pressure relief valves and frost protection are included with delivery


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