Thermal solar kit


If heating is to be supported with solar energy, the SHS solar heating set is an efficient solution, with up to a 60% saving. The optimum module collector coordination, solar fresh water tank or solar stratified tank and solar control unit provide very high yields.

The particular efficiency and effectiveness of TiSUN solar sets is thanks to the careful coordination of all power components and the tank technology developed in-house and patented.


Optimum set arrangement due to careful coordination of all power components
Energy efficiency (up to 60%)
Quick-Fix installation, preinstalled and plug-ready
In-roof, on-roof and freestanding installation, suitable for all types of roof
Various collector mounting and piping materials also available
Ten-year guarantee on collectors with Europe-wide Solar Keymark certification
Five-year guarantee on tanks
Long service life of TiSUN products due to robust construction and material


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