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engineered stone step covering
CHASNERO todokasa



  • Material:

    engineered stone


There are several products that we make available to our customers for the lining of stairs, from rain gutters to rungs of different types, each with characteristics that make them unique.

Within this category the star product is the rung, which convinces by its natural appearance and its soft texture. By having a rounded front edge, in combination with its texture and impeccable finish, is a step that conveys modernity and quality, not being as irregular as the rest. It is designed to decorate different places in homes or outdoors, and fulfill the function of ladder rung, or even tile to create stylized and current roads. It is very versatile and adaptable to the environment, being able to fulfill several roles, providing the client with more freedom of choice.

The product description would be an artificial stone footprint with a rounded front edge to give the perfect finished touch. You can order this product in any of the colors of our range without additional cost; each one of these colors, will provide any environment with a different finish, whether rustic and traditional, or modern and elegant, everything depends on what you want to transmit your home to visitors, or yourself during your stay. The Chasneros Bassalto artificial stone steps are very easy to install and do not require any specialized installer since their lower support is flat, that is, it is placed like a normal tile.