metal planter / original design / for public spaces
ALBATROS Tolerie Forezienne



  • Material:


  • Style:

    original design

  • Market:

    for public spaces


The vegetation is gaining ground in the city, it is at the same time an expectation of the inhabitants as well as the elected ones, it becomes a necessity. Based on this observation, what solutions exist? Parks, facades, roofs, public spaces … Albatros inaugurates by its concept a new field of possibilities by the vegetation of the private and public spaces.

The bird is the symbol of freedom, of peace, it is also it which sows the seeds beyond the borders and favors the biodiversity. Alexis Tricoire fervent defender of the planet had the idea of this very original and poetic planter, which speaks as much of the fauna as of the flora.

Albatros is a true planter with its irrigation system, its lighting. It is made of materials that resist corrosion: aluminum and stainless steel. It exists in suspended version and on “legs”, it can even be self-stable as in the exhibition “OFF ART and DESIGN PLANT”. Beyond its primary function it is a great spokesperson for a city or a company that wants to stand out and communicate on its values.

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