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steel weed control staple / toothed
38 222 DS,42 222 DS,42 242 DS TOLTEX



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TOLTEX® produces metal staples used to hold down all types of fabrics, polypropylene woven mulch fabric, biodegradable fabrics, sheets, films, fleece, collars, etc.
We manufacture these staples with a quality steel that meets the standard NFA 35 016 for grade FeE500-2. They are serrated for maximum grip in the ground.
Two tip finishes are available:
1. Straight traditional section
2. Bevelled section (sharp tip) that helps the staple pass through thick fabrics (biodegradable) and into hard ground.
Technical characteristics
38 222 DS ou ES3,8 mm20 x 20 x 20Straight or bevelled
42 222 DS ou ES4,2 mm20 x 20 x 20Straight or bevelled
42 222 DS ou ES4,2 mm20 x 30 x 20Straight or bevelled
42 242 DS ou ES4,2 mm20 x 40 x 20Straight or bevelled
What you must remember
Standard U-shaped metal staple
All usual dimensions with the appropriate wire diameter
Straight section for PP fabrics or sharp tip for biodegradable mulch mat