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    for restaurants



TOOaPICNIC is a serie of benches with a wide scope of applications.
You can use them in offices, Activity Based Work (ABW)
environments, restaurants, hotel lobbies and waiting areas.
The Dutch designers Jules Vreeswijk and JoostWaltjen have
carefully built up the TOOaPICNIC serie. Each variant has a specific
application and therefore a unique look.

Especially in an Activity Based Work environment the furniture must
be obvious. The function of furniture should not have to be
explained and must invite to use.TOOaPICNIC can be expanded
with various accessories such as an integrated power supply for
laptops and mobile phones. Also optional is an extra large table top
with which you can easily couple two TOOaPICNIC benches and
create a 4-persons unit.

All the models can be transformed easily into a TOOaPICNIC
4-person setup. You can put a 160 cm long table top on the small
tables and create an ideal place for a short meetings.