Scandinavian design chair / upholstered / with armrests / fabric
0037-LE -CB-UPH BARDOT by Emilio Nanni Traba'



  • Style:

    Scandinavian design

  • Options:

    upholstered, with armrests

  • Material:

    fabric, solid wood, leather, synthetic leather

  • Market:

    contract, for hotels, for restaurants, for bars, for offices

  • Color:

    black, blue, brown, yellow, orange, pink


A nice design soft and gentle to the Bardot new collection, taste the years 50, made of full volumes, rounded lines, wooden legs and rounded corners heating up the environment and simultaneously create a pleasant harmony of shapes neatly designed some 'Nordic.

With a wide range of coatings, fireproof fabric, lane, velvets, leather or imitation leather, Bardot make the collection suitable for home settings, kitchen, Lunchroom, studio over a contract contexts.