contemporary kitchen / melamine / lacquered / high-gloss



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    lacquered, high-gloss, handleless


Crystal is a product with high gloss surface, available in panels. Crystal stands out for its very high quality and its almost perfect reflection.
Durability: Crystal has been designed to provide superior durability in demanding environments such as kitchen fronts, bath, or furniture.
Scratch resistance: the new lacquered Crystal finish has been particularly developed with the appropriate precautions to ensure high level of scratch resistance. The methodology of appliance in the production process allows us to use lacquers of great hardness.
Ultra High gloss: If there is one thing that makes Crystal really different from the other products is its ultra-high brightness, which is almost perfect. It provides feeling of modernity, sense of more space and light.
Crystal is quality: coating weights range from 180 to 250 gr/m2. Crystal has been developed with supreme consciousness and intention to offer the best quality.
Made with MDF: a good substrate is the basis of a good coating, that is why we use a high-quality MDF.