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engineered parquet floor / glued / oak / natural oil



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  • Finish:

    natural oil, patina

  • Options:

    PEFC-certified, tertiary


History encounters present

History meets present, when a product skillfully unites the Now and Then. The TRAPA panel parquet combines three traditional panel patterns with contemporary TRAPA colours and textures. TRAPA panel parquets not only feel perfectly at home in historic residences, but also bestow a touch of history upon newly constructed living spaces.

These panels pass many hands – the components of TRAPA panel parquets are tailored from planks, profiled and pieced together by hand. A special feature is the edge design, connecting the individual panels to a macro-pattern of the full floor.

Perfectly attuned to TRAPA planks in colour, texture and construction, TRAPA panel parquets are a convenient tool for designers revitalizing the flooring culture and adding exciting design highlights.

Format 52x52 62x62 66x66 cm

Thickness: 15 mm

3-layer structure: 4 mm top layer, 9 mm spruce mid layer of standing tree rings, 2 mm spruce back pull

circumferential micro-bevel

circumferential groove joint with separate tongue

suitable for underfloor heating

We treat our wood from within the cell- and pore system, instead of conventionally treating it from the surface. Through our gentle surface finish with lye and natural oil we preserve such precious wood properties as warmth, comfort, diffusivity, slip resistance, anti-allergic efficiency as well as soiling and wearing protection. The blend of time, natural treatment, emotional texture, design and compatibility makes our products so unique and durable.