flat roof liquid waterproofing



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    flat roof


Triflex ProTect®
Tough roof waterproofing

Applications: Waterproofing of roof surfaces and details
Architects and contractors will be familiar with the challenge presented by the trend towards surfacing rooftops with gravel, paving or grass. Whatever the covering, absolute leak-tightness is paramount. In situations where traditional materials fail in combination, Triflex ProTect shines. Be it on top of or underneath other coverings: the waterproofing system provides reliable, lasting protection for roofs. The full-surface-reinforced waterproofing system with a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) base is highly weather-resistant and resistant to UV and IR radiation. With its high resistance to hydrolysis, Triflex ProTect is also suitable for standing water applications e.g., fountains and water tanks.

Other benefits at a glance:

Mechanically strong
Can be used at temperatures of down to 0°C
Root- and rhizome-resistant to FLL (European test for roof resistant material)
Resilient and crack-bridging
Rainproof after approx. 30 minutes
European Technical Approval with CE mark (ETAG 005)
Resistant to sparks and radiant heat in compliance with DIN EN 13501-5: BRoof(t1), BRoof(t2), BRoof(t3)
Fire classification to DIN EN 13501-1: Class E