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SOLAR POWER DRIVE Triplesign System AB



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    luminous, solar

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Triplesign Trivision Solar ECO Technology

Triplesign has developed a complete system for solar. In consideration of the increased costs for power and the concern for our environment we introduce the climate smart solution.

Lower power consumption

Due to the upper beam technology in combination with supreme construction technology, the turning of the sections generates very low resistance. Therefore, Triplesign Trivision is equipped with smaller motors than similar Trivision products. The difference can sometimes be quite drastic as competitors are using up to 40watt output motors as standard for the same sign sizes as Triplesign uses only 6watt. Triplesign is using the latest LED-technology as illumination technology for lowest possible consumption of power. Due to use of only supreme electronic components from leading western suppliers is the stand by power consumption zero.

Environmentally friendly solution

The trend of saving energy is strong in the whole world. In the industrial world we have large companies, towns and communities which has developed strategies and targets for there contribution to a better environment in the world. Today companies and communities are informing about that they are using environmental friendly cars and buses. In the same way they can inform about investments in leading environmental signage communication.