stainless steel railing / glass panel / indoor / for stairs



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Configuration:

    glass panel

  • Location:


  • Applications:

    for stairs


Our exclusive Trans-Park™ Rail System brings an upscale, retail feel to parking facilities without compromising durability or killing the budget. The Trans-Park rail is fabricated using all stainless steel which gives you a product that you can rest assured knowing won’t rust and can handle all of the elements that a parking facility will bring. The posts and top rail are fabricated with 1-1/2” dia. stainless steel type 304 material which will give you the strength needed for a high traffic area. The infill panels are comprised of perforated stainless steel incased in custom stainless steel frames and are welded directly to the posts. Other fabricators will provide clips to attach the infill panels to the posts but we don’t think that meets the strength needs for a high traffic environment. The base mount plates are custom fabricated using ½” thick stainless steel plate and (4) concrete wedge anchors to ensure these rails aren’t going anywhere.

This is a prime example of how utilizing TUTTLE engineering and manufacturing can provide a solution that’s a cut above standard rail packages. TUTTLE railing products are often the difference between a good project and a memorable one.