Porcelain stoneware countertop / outdoor / heat-resistant / stain-proof


  • Material:

    porcelain stoneware

  • Location:


  • Other characteristics:

    heat-resistant, stain-proof, antibacterial, wear-resistant, recyclable


XTONE by URBATEK, a porcelain tile material perfect for creating continuous surfaces. It can be cut to suit any shape or required dimensions, allowing for the creation of countertops of all kinds.

SURFACE HYGIENE – Food grade. It does not release
IMPERVIOUS – A non-porous material with a low water absorption rate.
BACTERIA RESISTANT – Unaffected by bacteria or fungi.
EASY TO CLEAN – No special care or products are needed for everyday care.
UNAFFECTED BY SOLAR RADIATION - It is so resistant to ultra-violet rays (UV) that its colour is unaffected by the passage of time.
ABRASION RESISTANT – Highly resistant to scratches and constant traffic.
FIREPROOF– Resistant to fire and high temperatures. Its properties and appearance remain unaffected.
ZERO WATER ABSORPTION – Repels everyday household stains and chemical substances. Will not absorb liquids or gases, hence preventing the build-up of odours.
IMPACT RESISTANT – Absorbs the energy from impacts and big concentrated loads without cracking or breaking.
SCRATCH RESISTANT – Providing that minimal care is taken, it will not be scratched by household utensils, although chopping boards should be used for everyday purposes.
PERFECT REALISM - By using cutting-edge technology, an unparalleled degree of realism has been achieved.


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