contemporary furniture knob / concrete
POMOLO by 2vlo Design Urbi et Orbi


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URBI ET ORBI workshop is the expression of a new trend in designing and manufacturing concrete items.
In the 2013 product catalogue, we have included Pomollo which we are proud to present it to you.
The raw construction material is internationally acknowledged, human and environment friendly, a mixture of cement, GFRC, which is the most advanced material in its industry.

A long time ago we had to find knobs for an area in our office. Then, someone came up with the idea, instead of buying why not make knobs from concrete. We were already amazed by the potential of the material we use and therefore we did not hesitate to try it.
The result was remarkable, and so we decided to complete the pomolo series with 4 sizes. It is available in four dimensions D(44-72-85-170 mm) with Μ4 or Μ8 spirals.

Our suggestion for this item is, if you dont have cupboards, to screw it on your bathroom or living room wall, since pomolo can be used as a unique hanger.

Pomollo has become our factorys poulain.
We believed in it, from the minute we conceived it as an idea.
and this is not the end We have been already working on the next series


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