contemporary furniture knob / concrete
MARINE Urbi et Orbi


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The laboratory URBI ET ORBI is the expression of the new trend in design
and construction of objects made of concrete.

After the great success of the first line of furniture knobs Pomollo that we
proudly presented, it is time for a new one... the Marine

We continue to use the same raw material, an internationally recognised
material, human and environment friendly, a mixture of GFRC concrete
which is the most sophisticated material ever made by the industry of this
This knob is available in 3 sizes
Our ambition to downsize the volume of this specific breakwater design
has become real. We managed to transform what until yesterday was a
very famous volume of concrete into an object that caresses your hand.

This object could also be placed on your bathroom or living-room wall,
since Marine may become a special hanger with strength beyond all


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