free-standing washbasin / square / Solid Surface / stone resin
HUDSON Vallone



  • Installation:


  • Shape:


  • Material:

    Solid Surface, stone resin

  • Style:


  • Length:

    Max.: 380 mm

    Min.: 380 mm

  • Width:

    380 mm


Together with the East River, the Hudson River is responsible for the maybe most important headland of the world: New York City. Big Apple’s sky scrapers inspired the process of origins of this prismatic sink. The robust form and the pure shape of “HUDSON” impress enthusiasts of reduced designs just as much as admirer of severe expression. At the same time, maximal compatibility is offered to its new owner in choice of placement of this iconic object.

Free standing sink with matt-white surface, made out of VELVET STONE™. High-quality solid surface: Two thirds consisting of natural mineral material and pigments and one third of premium resins (as binding material).


Dimensions: 380 x 380 x 900 mm
Weight: 35 kg
Material: Velvet Stone™
Color: white
Finish: matt