free-standing bathtub / Solid Surface / acrylic resin
WAIMEA Vallone



  • Installation:


  • Material:

    Solid Surface, acrylic resin

  • Length:

    Min.: 1,700 mm

    Max.: 1,700 mm

  • Width:

    Min.: 800 mm

    Max.: 800 mm


A tub cut into stone: the horizontal edges create an abyss-like depth that brings to mind the spectacular rock formation of the Hawaiian Waimea Canyon which has been the inspiration for this extravagant design. Its bold silhouette encloses soft curves to comfortably suit the body. “WAIMEA” approaches the squaring of the circle therefore balancing masculine rectilinearity and feminine curves.

Free standing bathtub with matt-white (alternatively: glossy-white) surface, made out of VELVET STONE™. High-quality solid surface: Two thirds consisting of natural mineral material and pigments and one third of premium resins (as binding material).


Dimensions: 1700 x 800 x 570 mm
Weight: 215 kg
Material: Velvet Stone™
Color: white
Finish: matt / glossy
Capacity: 280 l
Overflow: Yes