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panel curtain wall / glass



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Situated in the city of Malmö in Sweden, Emporia is one of the biggest shopping malls in Scandinavia. Designed by Gert Wingårdh of Wingårdh arkitektkontor, there are two main entrances, each one made out of coloured curved glass, one using bluish Vanceva Color interlayers and the other one in ochre. CRICURSA manufactured 567 moulds to slump a total of 815 curved glass panels. The fact that we are talking about free form geometries obliged to proceed bending the glass using annealing techniques obtaining high optical quality, reduced mould marks and a very low controlled residual stress. Key point to achieve the architect’s concept was the selection of the right product to confer colour to the glass while maintaining high transparency and low hazing. Vanceva Color was the perfect selection. For this project CRICURSA implemented a new way to control curved glass tolerances in 3D geometries. The system was perfectly coordinated with the façade contractor that used the same to check the framing to have a perfect match. The level of confidence in the system used allowed CRICURSA to complete the whole fabrication while the first panel had not been installed yet. Largest panel in the project measured 3571 x 2718 mm.

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