frame formwork / modular / sheet metal / plywood
VARIMAX Variant Factory Ltd



  • Type:

    modular, frame

  • Material:

    plywood, sheet metal

  • Applications:

    wall, column, foundation


Frame formwork Varimax by «Variant» Factory Ltd. is a complete system that includes accessories ensuring operation and safety and offering the opportunity to meet any challenges promptly and efficiently.

VARIMAX System is suitable to incase:
Big-and small-sized walls;
Columns and pillars.
Due to reinforced profiles used for manufacture of Varimax frame formwork panels both along edges and inside panel the high load-carrying capacity of the following elements is guaranteed:

Frame panels 80 kN/m2;
Versatile panels 80 kN/m2.
Distinguishing the Varimax frame formwork from the products of other similar systems manufactures.

The specially developed profile of elements is not only more load resistant in the process of concreting but also makes the replacement of formwork plywood at the end of its useful life substantially easier as compared with elements of other manufacturers.

Flat sheets requiring no special cutouts for anchor holes are used.
Filmfaced plywood of 21 mm thickness is used in panels.
Plywood is fastened with self-threading screws to the external side of panels providing smoothness of the surface contacting the concrete.
Plywood replacing is easy and efficient.