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Neopor® formwork block / insulating


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The VARIANT do-it-yourself house as a modular system is the alternative to cost-intensive, turnkey homes. Regardless of whether you are planning a one, two, or multifamily house - today’s building developer can no longer keep pace with the enormous price increases. We have just the right solution for you. Build with the DIY construction system that has proven itself for years. Now a VARIANT DIY house construction system can fulfill your dream of a dimensionally accurate and simultaneously cost-saving construction system. Our formwork blocks made of rigid foam fulfill the highest demands on masonry quality resulting in enormous construction cost savings and the best characteristics for the highest possible degree of thermal insulation.
In the VARIANT HOUSE system, the so-called "haunching concrete construction method" is simply and ingeniously reversed. Instead of exorbitant scaffolding and form dismantling plus subsequently insulating the finished walls, our Neopor elements are the formworks and insulation at the same time. And these elements are as easy to fit to each other as "Lego blocks" and are provided with naps and grooves that click into each other and that are subsequently filled with concrete.
That results in unbroken insulation without thermal bridges; using our "35 cm exterior wall blocks" for the formed wall achieves the nearly perfect u-value mark of 0.15 (W/m²u)! As a result, any house builder can realize the dream of an own home at a high technical standard even without craftsmanship skills and save up to 40 % as compared with customary masonry wall construction.


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