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prefab house / contemporary / wooden frame / wooden
SKELETON Veko Maison



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Framing:

    wooden frame, wooden

  • Other characteristics:

    energy-efficient, two-story


Skeleton houses are solid structures made of wood that stand independently and are statistically independent, and do not require structural panels. They are made up of pillars and beams that can be made from either solid or laminated wood. As some partition walls do not have load-bearing functions, it is possible to change the floor plan later on. The skeleton is clad or enclosed using various materials. The advantage is primarily in its individuality and speed of construction. The skeleton construction is similar to normal construction when it comes to price.
Advantages of skeleton houses:

Statistically independent and do not require construction panels
Dried and impregnated components
Later changes to layout are partially possible