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Outdoor concrete skateparks can be built in two fundamentally different construction methods: by concreting on-site
or using prefabricated elements. The differences show up after construction in quality and maintenance.
On-site manufacturing of skateparks is usually offered by building or civil engineering companies. Neither do
they have the necessary skills to shape perfect surfaces by hand, nor can the quality of concrete needed for
a good skatepark be achieved on-site due to varying temperature and moisture. Soon the surface is going to
crack and extensive renovations may be inevitable. The skatepark will be used only until a better one nearby
is ready to skate.
Skateparks from prefabricated elements are of much higher quality. We have these elements manufactured in
precise moulds, under constant temperature and moisture and be vibrated on tables (concrete quality: C55/67
according to EN 14974). On-site, we install them on foundations and seal the joints. The result is a perfect
riding surface that is almost entirely weatherproof. The skatepark requires hardly any maintenance and all
costs can be calculated accurately in advance.
We build skateparks from prefabricated elements because they are better to ride, because they last longer
and cost less in the medium term and because we only offer products of which we are totally convinced.


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